Toby’s Doggy tips #2

This month’s topic is on the serious side, but having just gone through a scare with my Toby, indeed he had four tumors removed last week, we offer:

10 Possible Signs of Canine Cancer

* Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow

* Sores that don’t heal

* Weight loss

* Loss of appetite

* Bleeding or discharge from any body opening

* Offensive odor

* Difficulty eating or swallowing

* Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina

* Persistent lameness or stiffness

* Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating

Rest assured that it does not mean that your dog has cancer if she exhibits any of these signs. They are not specific to cancer and could also indicate other illnesses, many of which are not life-threatening. For instance, difficulty eating may simply be the sign of painful tooth decay. But if a problem lasts a week or two and

shows no sign of abating, a doctor’s visit is warranted. Better to go through the trouble of getting your dog to her vet for an exam than to wait and risk getting a cancer diagnosis when it’s too late to treat effectively.

We love our dogs like they are our children! The sad reality is that they will leave us far too quickly. Pay attention. Touch and feel your dog. Be aware of any changes in behavior. Any unusual bumps should be monitored closely. My Toby is apparently a dog who is prone to fatty masses, so I am always running my hands over his body. Fortunately, the masses removed last week were non-cancerous. But, I am certainly more acutely aware of the gift of every minute that I have with him (and Baby and Buddy too!!). I hope you will all give your pups an extra hug today!!