Toby’s Doggy Tips

Today we are introducing a new monthly feature that will aim to offer dog owners information that hopefully will be useful – from food choices to health issues and ways to have fun with your pups!!
So, without further ado,
Five Great Things To Do For Your Dog This Year!
• Schedule a Wellness exam at your Vet for your dog! A complete annual exam can ensure your pup’s health is good and can catch any potential problems early.
• Make a commitment to brush your dog’s teeth! Whether you use a tooth brush, finger brush, or just your finger, brushing regularly can avoid painful dental problems and costly cleanings.
• Read your dog’s food labels! Make sure the first ingredient is real meat, such as chicken, beef, lamb or salmon. Avoid foods that list by-products. Quality food makes a real difference!!
• Change your daily walk routine! Don’t let monotony set in. Walking on different streets or paths gives your dog a variety of scents and sounds and can enrich your dog mentally.
• Last, but not least – Socialize your dog!! If you get a puppy or adopt a new dog, it is important to socialize you pups to other dogs of all shapes and sizes. Dogs that don’t get socialized can become fearful and even aggressive around other dogs. Toby’s K-9 Kamp is in our tenth year of providing a safe and fun-filled environment for your dog to romp with other playful dogs. Your dog will be expertly monitored by our highly trained Staff. Your dog will learn a lot from the other dogs and the bonus is that at the end of the day you will have a very tired dog!!