Give us a call at 610.430.1330 to schedule a temperament evaluation!
(Temperament evaluations are offered Monday thru Friday between 9:30AM and 12:30PM)

The Temperament Evaluation is an integral and important step in acclimating each new daycare pup to the group-play environment. This assesment allows us to determine if your dog has the right “personality” for our group-play environment.

Once scheduled, make sure to check out our Forms page that lists the required paperwork.

How the Temperament Evaluation is run:

Your pup will enter an enclosed pen along side one of our highly-trained staff members. Next, your pup is given the opportunity to explore the new environment. Once your pup has acclimated to the new space, he/she will be introduced to the pack, one dog at a time. At this time, your pup’s eagerness to interact, greeting style, play-style, etc, will be evaluated.

Once accepted, your dog will be placed in a group that will be suitable for his/her size, temperament and play style.

Your pup is welcome to stay for a half day or full day, for only $20 on the day of his/her temperament evaluation!