Toby’s K-9 Kamp

Toby’s K-9 Kamp is a premier doggy daycare conveniently located in West Chester.  With a friendly and knowledgeable staff of dog lovers, it is truly a fun and exciting place for dogs to spend their days!

  • Constant supervision
  • Small staff to pup ratio
  • Climate controlled facility
  • 2 spacious indoor play pens
  • Toys to play with
  • Cage free play
  • Cushioned rubber flooring for safer rough housing and wrestling
  • Outdoor fenced-in “potty” area to reinforce good behavior desired at home
  • Grooming for dirty puppies

Dog of the Month


Say hello to Maggie, our February Dog of the Month! Maggie is a super sweet hound mix with the biggest heart! She has been attending Kamp for almost one year and uses every moment to run around, howl, and give kisses to her Kamp friends, human and furry! Her closest friends are Matthias, Mellie, Vera, Harry, Sammy and we could name oodles more. Our girl Maggie has been known to take new Kampers under her wing showing them how to let loose and have a blast! She bounces about, throws those long legs of hers around, rumbles, tumbles, and prances all day. (Although we have caught her, a handful of times, taking a quick snooze. But it won’t last long!) We absolutely adore having Maggie at Kamp! We join her proud parents, Chrys and Jim, in congratulating Maggie as our Dog of the Month!


$7 Nail Trims for Daycare Dogs!

Does your pup have extra-long nails? Why not have them filed while at Kamp? Schedule an appointment at drop-off!

Valid 1st week of each month


Training Classes at Toby’s K-9 Kamp

Classes are held at Toby’s K-9 Kamp located at 15 S. Bolmar Street West Chester, PA

Call Debbie DeSantis at 610-344-7799 to schedule or with Chester County Night School at 610-692-1964 .

Puppy Kindergarten (6 weeks) $140

  • 12pm-1pm

Basic Obedience (6 weeks) $140

  • 1pm-2pm

Agility and Tricks (7 weeks) $199

  • 2:15pm-3:30pm